Stretch Mark Cream by Bella Joi Now at Amazon

Bella Joi Announces It Has Begun Selling Stretch Mark Cream on Amazon

get-rid-of-stretch-marks-siteThe best stretch mark cream is now at Amazon! Noted skin care company, Bella Joi, is pleased to announce that its specially-formulated stretch mark cream is now at Amazon and has been so since the beginning of September.

Bella Joi Stretch Mark Cream helps reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks due to skin stretched by pregnancy or weight loss. The cream may be used both during and after pregnancy on the belly, hips, glutes, abdominals, breasts and arms.
The stretch mark cream is infused with three different types of butters – shea, cocoa and mango as well as antioxidants and oils that help repair skin damage.

About Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are caused when the skin expands rapidly as in the case of pregnancy. When the skin expands so quickly parts of the skin tear leaving red or purple marks that look like scars across the skin area. For some people this can cause the skin area to itch as well. If left untreated, stretch marks will fade from red or purple to white and can become permanent.

Bella Joi’s Stretch Mark Cream

“Bella Joi’s Stretch Mark Cream was developed by a naturopathic doctor,” says Abby Jenkins, Head of Product Development for Bella Joi, “It is a must have both during and after pregnancy to prevent the stretch marks from becoming permanent at which point treatment options become more expensive and more difficult.”

Bella Joi Stretch Mark Cream is now available on global marketplace Amazon.